How to get to Papagayo Beach from Villas de la Marina

Papagayo Beach is surely the most well known beach of Lanzarote and definitely a must do when you’re staying at Villas de la Marina, not only because it’s one of the most beautiful places of the island, but also because from there you can enjoy some of the most incredible sunsets you will see during your holidays.

Papagayo Beach is also the one that gives the name to the whole set of beaches and coves line the southern border of the Ajaches National Park. At Villas de la Marina, we’re only 2 kilometres away from Playa Mujeres, the very first one of the Beaches of Papagayo which, incidentaly is also the largest one.

Would you like some directions to Papagayo Beach? These are the three ways to get there:

Walk along the promenade:

Leave Villas de la Marina towards the sea and after a five minute walk you will be in Marina Rubicón. From there, just take the promenade to the left and follow for about 1.5km until you get to a dark sand beach right in front of two massive hotels. Once there you can either walk behind the hotels until you find (there are quite a few signs so you can’t miss it) the dirt track that leads to the beach, or if you feel fit enough you can climb the small hill that you will find right after the beach in front of the hotels. From there just keep walking 5 more minutes and you will find Playa Mujeres.

Drive and walk:

One good option is to drive down Avenida de Papagayo until you find the dirt track that leads to Playa Mujeres. This dirt track is right before the hotel Papagayo Arena, so park in the area and from there it’ll be just a 5 minute walk. This is also the best option if you’re renting a bycicle during your stay at Villas de la Marina.

Just Drive:

Drive down Avenida de Papagayo until you get to the area know as Las Coloradas. Once there you will see signs with directions to Papagayo Beach that take you out of town, follow as soon you will see how the asphalt road turns into a dirt track that leads you to a toll house. Once there you need to pay 3€ in order to go through and after 1km you will find a junction with signs that direct you to either Playa Mujeres or to Playa de Papagayo. Right next to those two beaches are the two parking lots which are the only places where you are allowed to park in the whole park. Playa Mujeres is the closest, but if you don’t mind driving five more minutes I’d recommend you to keep driving and go to Playa de Papagayo or Playa del Pozo right next to it.

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