Off the beaten track gems in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is a pretty small island, in a little more than one hour you can drive from South to North taking the LZ-2 and LZ-1. You might have heard that it’s even possible to visit it in one day, as many travel agencies offer a “Grand Tour” where they promise to show you all the must-visit places in a 9 hour bus tour. However, this is nowhere near the truth. Lanzarote is full of amazing places off the beaten track, unspoilt spots where you hardly see a soul, breathtaking sceneries everywhere you go… Here is a list of some of my favourites:

Mirador de la Ermita de las Nieves

If you ever go to Famara Beach you will notice a massive cliff that almost embraces half of the beach and most of the northern coast on Lanzarote from that point. Luckily, it’s relatively easy to get right to the top edge of that cliff and get the opposite view from a viewing point known as El Mirador de la Ermita de las Nieves, which takes the name from the small chapel located right next to Peñas del Chache, which is the place with the highest altitude of the whole of Lanzarote. Views from there are breathtaking and they are enhanced by the constant murmur of the waves that wildly arrive at Famara Beach, more than 600 metres below your feet.

Los Charcones

We have written extensively about this unique place in Lanzarote. Several natural-made pools along the western coast of the south of the island with pristine water which are a joy to swim in. Busy with locals during the summer weekends, mostly unspoilt the rest of the year.

Playa de las Malvas

Not a beach you will want to swim on, as the north sea usually brings violent waves inside what surely is the most beautiful dark sand beach in Lanzarote and a truly incredile work of nature. Furthermore, getting there is just as beautiful: a 5 kilometre drive through a dirttrack that crosses the northenest part of the National Park of Timanfaya. A magnificent lava field that surrounds Caldera Blanca, the largest volcano of the whole island.

Crater of Montaña Blanca

The crater of Montaña Blanca is without doubt one of the most special places in Lanzarote. It is estimated that the mountain was formed with a set of eruptions around 500 years ago. Half of its crater, which is just about the size of a football stadium and just as flat, has almost withered away by erosion, but all that area is now surrounded by an old craft-man-made wall that will protect you from the wind but still allow for superb views, making it a great place to go for a picnic, relax for a while, or suntan even on windy days. You can park here and then it’s a steep walk up that takes around 30 minutes, but once at the top of the crater you’ll be able to enjoy true peace and enjoy some of the most amazing views of the center of the island. The more daring can try to reach the highest part of the volcano for yet more amazing views.

Volcán del Cuervo

Probably the most well known of the places described in this post, but well worth the 15 minute walk from this parking spot. An easy walk, apt to do with small children, that will take you inside this young volcano that erupted less than 300 years ago. It’s not a large volcano, but it has a perfectly conserved crater, which you enter following a path through a small crack on its wall, which then gently takes you down to the crater floor.